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Web analytics Advanced A/B Test and CRO Optimization
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Do you have a lot of visits to your website and few results? The reason is that either you are not reaching the right people or your website is not as effective as you would like to believe. If you haven't heard of CRO, you should know what it is, as it is the factor that will determine the success of your digital strategy



Many websites receive countless visits every day and, even so, they do not get the results they are looking for. For many companies, this is a dead end, since once they have managed to position their page well and increase the number of users who visit it, sales have not increased. Is this your case? So, you are interested in knowing everything that a CRO agency can do for you.


A CRO agency is specialized in developing different techniques to improve the conversion rate. This is the percentage of users who visit your website and complete the action you had invited them to perform.

The acronym CRO corresponds precisely to conversion rate optimization. It is one of the highlights of any Digital Marketing strategy. The ultimate goal is for the highest possible percentage of those who visit your website to become your customers, but first they will have to take other steps that will bring them closer to that goal.

It is true that one of the keys to achieving your goals is for more users to visit your website, but quantity alone is not enough, quality is essential. In fact, the conversion ratio will directly depend on this aspect.


Each agency will have its method, but there are some points that they will always have in common when creating the strategy, they are these:


· Know what global objectives the business has.


· Know what actions will be carried out to bring users to your website.


· Develop strategies to optimize results.


· Carry out A/B tests, that is, similar actions in which only one aspect is changed to find out which one works better.

The first thing that any expert agency in CRO will do is analyze what the conversion rate of your business is at the time of hiring. It is also necessary to know what the experience of your clients is like on your website. From all this information you can design the strategy your company needs to increase conversions.


Of course, it will be necessary to determine who your ideal buyer persona or client is. Also what are your needs. Then, you will use different Digital Marketing tools to increase quality traffic to your website. Many of those visitors will leave their contact information so that you can continue to cultivate their interest, many of these people will later become your customers.

It is clear that improving your conversion rate is vital for your business. How to do it? Betting on our CRO agency. You will learn to make the most of all your resources.


There are many terms that may not sound familiar to you on the Internet, but it is important that you know them if you are going to dedicate yourself to the digital sector. Regardless of your activity, it is essential that you know what the CRO is and the relevance it has in digital terms.


The importance of CRO today


The acronym CRO refers to Conversion Rate Optimization, which translated into Spanish would be the optimization of the conversion ratio. We are talking about the procedure by which we try to increase the percentage of users who visit our website to execute a specific action.


Because if we increase the CRO, we will be making our income higher compared to expenses, so the balance will be positive. Likewise, whenever we have a higher return per visit on the web, we will have a greater advantage over the competition.


Therefore, you must work hard on the numbers related to CRO to become strong as a company. In the same way, if you are just starting out and relying more on organic traffic or SEO, you can reap the following benefits:


The CRO allows you to make more profitable publications. You will make your business more secure by not having so much dependence on a single place. In the same way, you will not be so vulnerable to a possible algorithm change in search engines.

Your web space will be more customer-focused. With the CRO you will be able to achieve greater customer loyalty, which will result in greater notoriety and better positioning in search places on Google or in another online search engine.


In short, the CRO will allow your business to grow in a safe way. Remember that it is better to walk slowly, but with guarantees. This is possible thanks to the CRO, so do not hesitate to implement it in your online strategy. The conversion rate is the percentage of users who enter your website and who carry out the action that you had proposed. It can be buying a product, but also subscribing to your newsletter or downloading free content.


Conversion is the essential part of any marketing strategy. In the end, you want your users to become customers, but there may be different previous steps that will bring you closer to your goal.


In fact, although it is undeniable that increasing traffic to your website

The CRO allows you to make more profitable publications. You will make your business more secure by not having so much dependence on a single place, at the same time that you will not be so vulnerable to a possible change in the search algorithm

Your web space will focus more on the client. With the CRO you will be able to achieve greater loyalty from your clients, which will result in greater notoriety and better seo in google search places.


The services of a CRO (conversion rate optimization) agency will help you improve your conversion rate and generate more profits. The services are divided into the different sections that we will discuss.

CRO Audit

The goal is to find out why a visit to your website did not end in a sale. To do this, we establish different hypotheses and give priority to tests of multiple variants. The process entails a certain complication, since the following types of analysis must be carried out before reaching a conclusion.

Qualitative analysis

Your business website should not be limited to displaying your catalogue, it should also be easy to use and allow access to all its sections. To find out why someone decides to enter your page and leave without buying anything, several tools are used with the following objective:

· Discover which are the weak points that most affect your level of conversion. The descriptive sheet of the products or services may not be the most appropriate, perhaps the menu is not as functional or for any other reason.

· Talk to your customers, regular and potential, about what they think of your website. Personalized or general surveys are also proposed to better understand which aspects need improvement.

· Review the conversations you have had with your clients and determine how the treatment they have received has been. This factor, although it is foreign to your page, directly affects the conversion. The idea is to also include factors external to your page in the study in order to reach conclusions that are closest to the reality of your website.

With all the information obtained, we reach conclusions that help us convert qualitative data into quantitative data to improve your website. Remember that guessing or thinking about your mistakes does not help you too much. Only hard data allows you to start applying effective solutions.


Technical analysis


Hand in hand with the previous analysis, you will check the reliability of your website and its adaptability to different operating systems, devices and browsers. We consider it essential to carry out all kinds of tests to detect, if any, the errors that cause a bad experience for your potential clients.


Google Analytics Analysis


The website of your business generates data that offers you information of enormous value to know what you are doing wrong. We configure your account so that, in several clicks, you can find out both the traffic received and the aspects to improve. For this, it is necessary to pay attention, among others, to the following factors:

· The type of security of your website. It must be detected if the page is being the victim of some type of attack. It is not only about malware or spam, there are also techniques such as web scraping that can penalize the positioning of your proposal without you realizing it. The revision of these aspects must be periodic.


· The continued visits of robots or the sending of spam.


· Determine the rebound ratio. If it is low, it is a cause for alarm.


· The number of not-set reports. This last term means that Google Analytics cannot analyze a part of your website because your account is not properly configured.


· The different types of conversions carried out.


· The operation of the conversion funnel.

Why do we insist on carrying out such a detailed analysis? Because it is not enough, even if you think about it, to copy and paste the Google Analytics code on each page of your website. The correct configuration of your account will help you to discover how your proposal works and to detect, in seconds, an abnormal response from your website.


behavior analysis

As we described, the important thing is to know what a person who enters your page does and why they decide to buy or not what you offer. To find out, we use different tools:

· Mouse-tracking. Records the usual path of the mouse pointer. You will have the option to know which section generates more interest or how your customers search for the information they need.


· Heat maps. Heat maps mark which is the most visited area of ​​your website. They help you to know your strong points, but also the weak ones. Your information is essential to be able to face an optimization with more guarantees of success.


· Scroll maps. It is a variant of the previous one. Analyze the movement of your customers on the web. It will be easier for you to discover where users spend more time, which is their preferred area and if something should be changed in the design to make it easier for them to find what they are looking for.


· Session recording. A complete session of a random client is recorded. It is possible to check which article you have searched for, if you have opened the description sheet and which sections you have visited. Analyze the length of stay, the mo


In the Digital department MENTEDIGITAL we work each CRO cycle in the following phases

1. Data collection and processing based on the variables defined as significant.

2.Analysis and interpretation of the data culminating in the formulation of the hypothesis for the next cycle and how it will be measured.

3. Establishment of optimization objectives based on business requirements.

4.The implementation of the improvements for the current cycle, based on the formulated hypothesis and the established measurement points to evaluate the optimization objectives.

Frequently, this work is complemented with user tests and/or A/B tests when seeking to obtain more knowledge about the response of specific user segments.


1) Observation stage

As in the scientific method and in other research methodologies, step number one is observation, in this case of the environment, the context and the surrounding factors. It is important to observe the audience, how they behave on social media and the possibilities that your brand would have on these platforms


2) Operational stage

Here, based on what was observed, a strategic planning of the actions to be implemented is made.

3) Execution stage

In this phase the strategies are carried out, it is the implementation of each of the established actions, according to the desired objectives.


4) Evaluation and control stage

Like any action, in social media marketing it is important to measure the results to assess whether what is desired is being achieved, if not it is time to make changes to improve and thus achieve the goal.



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