360-degree videos are already part of our lives. What began as a curiosity applied to the world of entertainment and technology is now used in a multitude of applications. Many companies have specialised in this tool to the point that nobody would consider using them if they did not have a function in this format. How can this powerful technology help you to improve your company?

No one can imagine Google Maps without the ability to walk through its streets. When you want to get a real idea of what an avenue looks like or what you are going to find there, you use this function and you can see everything around you. But 360-degree videos go further. They show moving images, making the experience even more real.


360° video recordings are a revolution in the world of entertainment, but they are also a revolution in the business world. Thanks to a special camera, moments seen from all angles can be recorded, creating an immersive and more realistic experience for customers. Depending on the lens, they can be of two types: monoscopic and stereoscopic.


- Monoscopic: They present a flat image. The image projected on your electronic device moves in the direction you turn it and shows you what is happening at that angle, but there is no sense of depth.


- Stereoscopic: This shows two differently focused sequences of the same footage, with one on the right and one on the left. The brain superimposes them and a 3D image is displayed, very similar to the real one. This creates an immersive experience. This system only works with specific glasses. 



360° video recording technology can be applied in many fields, such as entertainment, medicine, education or advertising. Here are some ideas that may suit your company or business:


- Presentation of facilities. Give your customers a tour of your company, so they can better understand where the quality you provide them with comes from.


- Product presentation. If you have launched a new product, present it in a video. This will give them a better idea of what it's like.


- Art gallery or museum. Giving the option of a 360-degree virtual tour is a way to broaden your audience, especially those from other countries.


- Live experience: What does a new vehicle look like inside? Do you offer extreme sports? Do you want to show off a park's attractions? These are some live experiences that audiences love.


- Walk through a hotel. Allow a virtual tour of your hotel, let customers marvel at how beautiful it is and choose yours for a holiday, a conference or any other event.


- Concerts. Record and present a concert in 360° for those who have not been able to attend.


- Interactive maps. If you have a business, include real videos of it in the interactive maps.


As you can see, the possibilities of 360° videos are very wide. Do you want to know how you could use them in your business to make it grow? Contact us and we will explain it to you.



We will help you get the most out of it for your business.


Promoting an event usually requires showing photos or videos of the most important events, as well as the response of the public that attends. If the idea is usually to highlight an event so that people feel part of it, what better than a 360° video to make any spectator feel like an attendee. Another function that does not yet exist, but will soon be integrated by the networks, will be the facility to broadcast live, but with the spherical format. It is very clear that all these possibilities make video marketing much more engaging for your audience.  

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